Advanced Status for students with previous education and clinical experience

Do you already have education or experience in midwifery? You can earn academic and/or clinical credits for this previous experience toward graduation requirements at Birthwise Midwifery School. We call this advanced status.

midwifery supplies used by Advanced Status students

Review Process

The Academic Director reviews applications to challenge academic credits, and the Clinical Director reviews applications to challenge clinical credits.

If we approve your application, you must take and pass all Periodic Exams, the Senior Exam and all Skills Exams associated with the challenges credits to complete the challenge. Once those are complete and approved, you’ll receive credit on your Birthwise transcript for having met that graduation requirement with prior experience.

Academic Challenges

If you’re considering an Academic Challenge Application, you must submit the Academic Challenge Application when you enroll, before coursework starts with Orientation.

We offer two primary pathways to challenge academic credits and coursework.

  1. You completed an equivalent course at another accredited institution. For example, if you completed a course in Nutrition at another college or university, you can challenge the required Therapeutic Nutrition & Supplementation course.
  2. You have life experience or previous study at a non-accredited institution that is directly relevant to a Birthwise course’s learning objectives. For example, if you have apprenticed with an herbalist for several years, you can challenge the required Botanicals course.
Academic Challenge Application

Clinical Experience Challenge

If you have had birth experience in the past 5 years, you may be able to challenge up to 50% (23 credits) of the clinical credits required for graduation.

Accepted challenge credits may only count toward experiences as an observer or Assistant Under Supervision (see clinical graduation requirements for more information).  You must complete all primary care requirements while actively enrolled at Birthwise. 

To challenge clinical credits, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must have had the experience within the past 5 years
  2. You must challenge at least 15 births to reduce the preceptorship credits you must enroll in to graduate. If challenging fewer births, we don’t reduce necessary credits, only the number of experiences in the Assistant category you need to graduate.
  3. You must pay a nonrefundable $50 application and a $30 fee for each credit awarded through this process.
Clinical Challenge Application

To pay administrative processing fees, please go to the current students page and use the Pay Your Tuition Online link. You may input the amount of your payment for academic course challenge/waivers and/or clinical challenges and submit payment using a credit card.

Alternatively, you may mail us a check made payable to Birthwise Midwifery School to 24 S. High Street; Bridgton, ME 04009.

If you have questions about Advanced Status, please contact beth@birthwisemidwifery.edu.