From the beginning, the students in the newest campus cohort impressed us with their dedication to the practice of midwifery, their optimism, and their desire to do good in their communities. Here are a few powerful excerpts from their Birthwise applications.

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Mimi Barress

“One birth at a time, midwives teach women how to advocate for their needs and desires and how to educate themselves on the benefits and risks of various labor and delivery options. Women who have these skills make educated decisions about their birth, are much less likely to blindly follow physician instructions and more often have the birth experience they dreamed of. It would be a privilege to be a part of teaching such vital life skills which women then carry with them and benefit from for the rest of their lives.”

Karina Burton

“What excites me most about imagining myself in the world of Midwifery is watching and being part of a family’s journey of growing a family. I want to watch, assist and guide women through this most trying and rewarding task. I want to help safely bring their child into this world. To be part of the growing and ancient world of midwifery is to be connected; to be a part of “the ways of old” and “the ways of the future” is one of the most crucial steps of our species.”

Samantha Collins

“Over time I hope to come back to the rural north woods of Minnesota, where lack of funding, limited resources for women’s health, and fewer options for birth still exist. Settling in this area will allow me to become involved and rooted in my community. I dream of being this healer, educator, and friend while telling the many stories of life in hopes to leave my legacy as a midwife like the many heroines before me.”

J’rae Mendall

My interest in and intention with midwifery is to provide the expectant mother with care that is empowering, educational, and supportive of her emotional and physical needs, in addition to facilitating birth in an environment that feels peaceful and safe. It is my hope that by helping mothers bring their babes into the world feeling strong and supported, it will help to make their transition into the postpartum period and life outside the womb come easily and naturally.

Paige Murphy

“Midwifery reflects my personal philosophy towards pregnancy and birth primarily in its approach to care through pregnancy and birth and in multifaceted support of families throughout such a pivotal time in parents’ lives. I strongly believe that pregnancy and birth is a natural process that has been inaccurately treated as a medical condition for far too long. Advancements in medicine certainly have their place for those who face serious medical risks in their pregnancies or in birth and in these cases, medicine is a vital tool for reducing maternal and infant mortality. However, for those without such complications, I believe a traditional approach to pregnancy and birth that is guided by an empathetic and knowledgeable ally is the best for both parents and infants.”

Grace Pease

“I have always been drawn to the complexity of health and medicine, especially while traveling and working abroad. While in Africa and South East Asia especially, I saw the drastic differences between Western medicine and more traditional, holistic practices surrounding health. One of the things that makes midwifery so unique and valuable is that it can be positioned in a way to see both sides of this story: it uses the best modern medicine has to offer, while also respecting and holding a place for ideas concerning tradition, spirituality, personal preference, and ancient wisdom and knowledge.”

Danielle Smith

“The ability to make a difference in my community is one of the major reasons I feel so called to be a Certified Practicing Midwife. With the number of pregnancy related deaths on the rise I have the opportunity to make a quantifiable difference in my community…. I also wish to help shift the general idea of pregnant women being sick and helpless while also helping strengthen the female bonds in my community. When I graduate from Birthwise I hope to have the skill set to safely and effectively serve any mother in my community despite her age, race, gender identity, or socioeconomic status by supporting, listening, and empowering them as a midwife.”

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