From screening for prediabetes to improving outcomes for victims of the opiate crisis, learn about the latest midwifery research at this semester’s Independent Research Presentations. Join Birthwise students, faculty, and staff in-person or online on February 27th as student researchers navigate the following topics:
– Examining the lived experiences of Canadian students studying direct-entry midwifery in the United States. Presented by Jamiena Shah.
– Humanizing miscarriage: The role of the midwife. Presented by Destiny Skubis.
– Young mothers: Risk status and the role of the midwife. Presented by Emma Hites.
– A call to action: The role of the midwife in improving outcomes for birthing people in an opioid maintenance program and their infants. Presented by Corinne Harrison.
– Causes of abnormal placentation and midwifery intervention pre- conception. Presented by Elizabeth Venman.
– Prediabetes and pregnancy: Should out of hospital midwives implement early and routine screening? Presented by Nina Zagvazdina.
– Postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder: A practice guideline. Presented by Kelly Doran.
– Yunnan baiyo: A protocol for midwives using yunnan baiyo, a traditional Chinese medicine. Presented by Gayle Eckey.
The presentation day qualifies for up to 5 hours of NARM Category 2 CEUs. To register, RSVP with Susi Delaney at [email protected].


Student Research Spring 2017 Announcement