August 31, 2021

A heartfelt evaluation has been unfolding at Birthwise over the past month. It is from this thoughtful assessment that the Board of Directors, on the recommendation of staff and after a review of the financial and administrative health of Birthwise, has decided to close its operations in Bridgton, Maine upon completion of the fall 2021 semester. No new applications will be accepted to attend Birthwise Midwifery School at this time.

All currently enrolled students will have the opportunity to finish their education at another MEAC accreditied institution as negotiated in a teach-out agreement.

As the founder of this school and ED for 26 years, it is with a heavy heart that I bring you this news. I have had the honor of witnessing so many students become midwives through the years and I am proud to have been a part of that. The soul of Birthwise has been what I think we all share: the passion and commitment to the midwifery model of care and the belief that all birthing people deserve this care. My closing wish would be that those that have come through this program over these many years continue to participate in making our profession stronger and more unified for the sake of the families that we serve in all our communities. 

– Heidi Fillmore, CPM, NHCM

Founder and Interim Executive Director

Birthwise Board of Directors