From the very start, the new campus midwifery cohort impressed us with their focused professional goals and their thoughtful views on the philosophy of birth. Here’s what they have to say about their calling to the powerful practice of midwifery.

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Artina Carthen of Hillard, Ohio


“Giving birth is one of the most beautiful, and vulnerable positions a person can enter into, and I think it’s important that a health care provider be as emotionally available and patient as possible.  Becoming a CPM allows that kind of freedom to provide holistic, empathetic care and also to build a solid rapport with the client.”

Caroline Sausler of Bethesda, Maryland


“Babies should be brought into love, not trauma. It is essential that care providers respect the strength and autonomy of the birthing person, not only for the mental health of that person, but to support an overall healthier birth for parent and child….Life begins with birth so it seems fitting that this is where we should initiate a culture shift to be more loving and take more care with one another.”

Sydney Jones of Newport News, Virginia


“I feel called to this career and lifestyle because I definitely want to be part of the change. I want to help integrate certified professional midwives into the maternity care system as a whole. I definitely want to advocate for women’s rights and I want to help women keep control and make their own decisions regarding the care of their body.”

Emily McCarthy


“My personal philosophy regarding pregnancy and birth is that each woman should be free to make her own informed choice where it happens, who attends her, and what medications or interventions are used….I want to become a birth worker and provide women with the knowledge they need to make decisions regarding their body and their birth that will empower them and create the best possible outcome for both themselves and their babies.”

Cassandra Dineen of Burlington, Ontario


“My calling to a career of midwifery can best be described as a yearning to be a part of an age-old practice that can have a profound effect on humanity. I believe that my philosophy of pregnancy and birth, my current path, and aspiration for a life as a midwife, will one day play a part in the positive shift that is underway for how our society views childbirth and the important role of the midwife.”

Anneliese Langer of Olympia, Washington


“I have learned, feel and internalized deeply for myself that midwifery is my calling. Every time I have allowed this passion to take its course, it flourishes. The universe seems to shout at me, this is what you were meant to do! From casual encounters with women I meet who tell me their birth stories, to the student midwives I have encountered and immediately felt a sisterhood connection to, I am confirmed in my conviction that midwifery is the right choice for me.”

Emma Lisak of Fort Collins, Colorado


“I love the idea of being part of the resurgence of home births. I think a woman should have the right to choose how to give birth and I know that, although many women can be held back by fear and social convention, many others are restricted by access. If your choice is the hospital or to be completely on your own, then it is hardly a choice at all. Giving birth is an intimate and personal experience that should be honored and respected, as should the woman going through it.”

Dana McCabe


“I strongly believe that ‘peace on earth begins at birth.’ (I didn’t come up with that, but isn’t it great? You can use it if you want.) Midwifery supports women to be more connected to their bodies, especially throughout pregnancy and childbirth, and empowers them to make productive and informed choices throughout their lives. An empowered woman can raise a child with the wisdom and support of a strong community of women, and a child who grows up in that environment has a strong chance of living a productive life that has a positive impact on the world. This is a movement I want to be a part of. Begin at the beginning.”

Kali Stecker of Paia, Hawaii


“Like most things in life, I believe that birth should be as natural as possible. If it is safe for the mother and child, childbirth should ideally take place in a place that is homelike, if not the actually home. The mother should be encouraged and supported with as minimal intervention as possible. It should be a happy story told to the child for all the years to come. Children are the future and I think birthing them into a happy and loving atmosphere is one of the most important ways to start them off on their life. I feel that midwifery is the practice of that.”

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