Send all applications by email to [email protected]du or drop them off in person at Birthwise Midwifery School. Birthwise is an equal opportunity employer.


The Birth House Staff Midwife (Updated 21 September 2017)

Birthwise Midwifery School is looking for an experienced Staff Midwife to be the principle midwife and administrator at The Birth House. The Birth House is a freestanding birth center and midwifery clinic that offers holistic midwifery care, including home birth and birth center birth and well-body care, to the families of Southwestern Maine and the Mount Washington Valley region of New Hampshire.

The Birth House is also a service-learning opportunity for Birthwise Midwifery School students. The staff midwife will work closely with passionate student midwives, including an Intern, at the Birth House clinic and at all births. The ideal candidate will be a leader who enjoys supervising and teaching students.

QUALIFICATIONS: We’re looking for a CPM, CM or CNM with at least 5 years of experience in clinical midwifery practice who preferably has experience working with students. Experience with home or freestanding birth center midwifery practice is required. Successful candidates must live, or be willing to relocate to, within 30 minutes of Bridgton, Maine.

COMMITMENT: The time commitment and compensation for this position is dependent upon the volume of births attended. The center currently serves 2-3 clients per month, requiring approximately 25 hours of work per week, with the potential for increasing that with ongoing promotional work. The position includes a base pay for administrative responsibilities (8 hours per week) and clinic hours are flexible and varying according to what clinic visits and births require. Qualified candidates are also eligible to apply to join the Birthwise Midwifery School faculty part-time to increase their compensation and hours of work. Call will be shared with another midwife, allowing for approximately 3 months off-call annually and shorter periods of coverage as needed and negotiated.

PAY: Compensation includes an hourly base pay for administrative duties (8 hours per week), plus a per-birth pay rate which is dependent on the volume of care. Compensation is negotiable and based on level of experience, but at the current volume of births and assuming a 25-hour a week commitment, the annual pay would be approximately $30,000- 36,000. This does not include any optional teaching responsibilities at the school.

Benefits include professional liability insurance coverage, at least three months off-call annually, and short periods of on-call coverage as needed and negotiated.

If you are interested in this position but need more information, please email or call Heidi at [email protected], 207-647-5968. Send all applications by email to [email protected] or drop them off in person at Birthwise Midwifery School, 24 S. High St., Bridgton, Maine 04009.

Also, please forward these opportunities to other qualified individuals. Birthwise is an equal opportunity employer.


Models (Posted May 10, 2017)

Birthwise uses live models to assess students on performing skills. These models are local people who are paid per diem to participate in simulation assessment scenarios. Contact Birthwise if you would like to be considered for an occasional modeling opportunity.


Housing (Posted May 10, 2017)

Birthwise is continually needing short-term and longer term housing for students in the Bridgton area. If you have a room, apartment, or house you would like to rent to students, send a description of the housing to [email protected].