This page communicates COVID-19 information for our school, including our current COVID safety plan and resources for students, faculty, preceptors, and staff.

Contacting the School

Birthwise staff members work remotely for some part of each week. If we are not on campus, the best ways to reach us are:

  • via email
  • by calling the school’s main number – 207-647-5968 – and leaving a message. These messages are monitored daily during the week. 

Health and Safety

COVID Safety Plan

Click the link above to read the COVID Safety Plan, updated for Spring 2021. This plan includes new information for preceptors and students in preceptorship, as well as information about vaccinations. We expect that all members of the Birthwise Community have read and understood this safety plan, and are prepared to follow it.

We will publish updates as new information becomes available. These updates will be sent via email and posted here.

COVID Vaccination

Birthwise is currently recommending that students, staff, faculty, and preceptors receive the COVID vaccination if they are willing and able to do so. We are NOT requiring the vaccine, but students, staff, faculty, or preceptors who are vaccinated may send their records to <info@BirthwiseMidwifery.edu>.

Distance Learning

Spring 2020

We pivoted all of our classes to online and postponed any class that could not be accommodated online to future semesters.

Fall 2020

We brought our campus cohorts back to in person learning for skills and hands on based classes, while keeping the rest of the classes online. Recognizing the risk of travel and the challenge of quarantine and testing requirements in Maine, we kept our community cohorts entirely online.

We successfully got through the semester without any incidents of COVID linked to the school. We are grateful to the students, faculty, and staff who diligently followed our safety guidelines and made this possible!

Spring 2021

We are again having our campus cohorts in person for skills and hands on based classes, keeping the rest of the classes online. We are keeping community courses online, while opening up select opportunities for members of the community cohorts who are able to safely get to campus to take some in person courses. 

Fall 2021 and beyond

We plan to make in person courses available to our community cohorts and continue to host in person classes for our campus cohorts. 

Planning for the Future

Our program was designed with the intent that it would always be in person and hands on, and we believe this is a strength of our program and something that draws our students to us. We are working to digitize many of our systems to allow for smoother administration, and to better prepare us for future unexpected situations like this pandemic. As part of this process we will be submitting a request to our accreditor (MEAC) to permanently be allowed to offer online classes to our students.

However, online classes will (in the future) be an exception and will only be offered when it provides improved flexibility for our students, or opens up availability of faculty to teach. At this time we have no intention of being entirely or primarily online.


We’ve put together this list of resources to help you navigate the COVID-19 world in your work, your studies, and in your life

COVID-19 Information

Resources and Support

International Students

  • For COVID-19 and visa information visit the Study in the States page
  • Canadian Students: stay on top of Canada’s travel requirements here.

Preceptorship and Clinical Care Resources

Faculty and Online Teaching Resources