COVID-19 InformationThis page communicates COVID-19 information for our school. Please read on for major announcements, a list of school decisions, a list of recommendations, and a list of resources for students and faculty. We’ll update as changes happen. Students, faculty, and preceptors, please watch your email for the latest updates. Here’s a list of all the emails you should have received.

UPDATE (7/9/2020)

At their June board meeting, the Board of Directors voted to keep our Community Cohorts online for the entirety of the Fall 2020 Semester, and to bring our Campus Cohorts back to in-person instruction, starting September 1, 2020. All events that can be held virtually will be. This includes community check-ins/open forums, doula training and open houses. 

For the past few weeks since that decision was made, our Academic team has been working closely with faculty to modify their syllabi and coursework to accommodate online learning for our community cohorts, shuffling our Fall calendar based on Faculty availability to teach in person, and addressing unique student circumstances due to COVID. Once the calendar is set and finalized, all students will receive a cohort specific email detailing how their semester will run and what to expect. These letters will be sent by mid-July.

Safety Planning

On July 20th the staff will be meeting for an all-staff in-service, during which time we’ll be physically walking through the flow of your days, rearranging classroom configurations to maximize distance, posting signage, determining which areas are restricted or off limits, and finalizing our policies and procedures to keep everyone safe. These decisions are all informed by CDC recommendations, guidance from the State of Maine, and observation of plans at other institutions. Detailed plans and instructions will be shared with all students and faculty by the end of July.

Plans will include, at the very least, mandatory use of masks or face shields, limits on number of folks in rooms/spaces, and increased hand washing and hygiene. In addition, we will be putting together flexible virtual attendance policies to allow for quarantining/isolation if individuals have been exposed or have symptoms. 

Safety is a Team Effort

It will be VERY important for all students, faculty, and staff to commit to safe practices and fully engage in our campus-wide safety efforts. Safety this fall will be dependent on the actions of everyone who steps foot on campus. We expect all members of our community to take these precautions seriously, and to take personal responsibility for reducing the risk to members of our community. Doing so will allow us to remain safe while continuing to move students through the program and ensuring the same high quality education we delivered pre-COVID.

Staff Availability

For our health and safety, Birthwise staff is working remotely and/or staggering office days to maintain social distancing practices. Email is the best way to reach us, and you can also call the main phone number at 207-647-5968.

School Decisions


Updated 07/09/2020

  • All courses are online through 08/30/2020
  • Campus is closed to students and visitors through 08/30/2020
  • Campus cohorts will resume in-person instruction on 09/01/2020
  • Community cohorts will remain online through 12/31/2020
  • Detailed safety plans will be emailed to all students, faculty and staff no later than 07/31/2020.

Updated 04/25/2020

  • The board will be discussing plans for the fall at their May board meeting.

Updated 03/27/2020

  • All courses have been moved online through 07/31/2020.
  • 2020F (incoming) students starting 04/30/2020: All first-term courses will be online. Do not plan to come to campus. See the 03/27/2020 email for your updated academic plan.
  • New academic plans for each cohort are ready. Check your email for details.

Clinical Rotations & Preceptorships

Updated 03/27/2020

  • Short-term, local (in Maine) Clinical Rotations (CR1 for 2019F students) are discontinued through the end of the semester. We plan to assign new Clinical Rotations for the Fall 2020 semester. Please contact Robin for more information.
  • We’re providing support to all students in preceptorship and evaluating each situation on a case-by-case basis. Check your email for details.


Updated 07/06/2020

  • Graduation was held virtually at the end of June
  • Doula trainings and open houses will be virtual only through the end of 2020

Updated 03/27/2020

  • Graduation Ceremony is cancelled and June Homecoming has been modified. 2020 graduates are encouraged to walk in 2021.
  • Open Forums have been moved to virtual format and additional dates have been added.
  • Other scheduled workshops are either being moved online or cancelled. Please see the Event Calendar for the latest information.

School Communication

Updated 03/27/2020

  • We started periodic community-wide updates with information about decisions and resources. Make sure to check your email.
  • We created a COVID-19 impact tracker to track impact on students and the support we’re providing.
  • We’ve created this webpage, and will update periodically as new information becomes available.


  • Practice social distancing as much as possible. Only go out for groceries, medical care, or other essential services.
  • If you are sick, stay home. If you’re experiencing fever, cough, or shortness of breath, call your health care provider.
  • Stand at least 6 feet away from other people when in public.
  • Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds. Here’s a great video.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow.
  • Don’t touch your face, eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Do what you can to relieve your stress. We will get through this together.

Canadian Students

The Canadian Government has recommended that all Canadians return home at this time. Please visit this website for the latest information.

  • You’ll need to maintain your academic status by participating in online classes. Your session date remains the same.
  • If you’re in a preceptorship, please reach out to Robin.


We’ve put together this list of resources to help you navigate the COVID-19 world in your work, your studies, and in your life

Student Resources

Preceptorship and Clinical Care Resources

Faculty and Online Teaching Resources

Emails You Should Have Received

Check your inbox and spam folder for these important emails.

Birthwise Community


  • 5/18 August Plans sent to individual cohorts
  • 3/27 Academic Plans sent to individual cohorts
  • 3/27 Letter for graduating students
  • 3/12 Letter to airlines and housing

Preceptors and Precepting Students

  • 4/6 Preceptorship update
  • 3/27 Clinical Rotation update for 2019 F cohort
  • 3/27 Preceptorship Update
  • 3/17 Clinical Recommendations
  • 3/16 Clinical Rotation update for 2019 F cohort
  • 3/12 Clinical Recommendations

Canadian Students

  • 3/16 email update


  • 6/19 faculty Letter
  • 4/30 Faculty Letter
  • 3/27 Faculty Letter
  • 3/18 Faculty Letter
  • 3/12 Faculty Letter