This summer, Abigail Aiyepola, president of the The National Association to Advance Black Birth, will guest edit the Midwifery Matters Special Edition: Anti-Racism and Equity in Midwifery. She’s looking for excellent submissions that focus on antiracism and equity in midwifery. From her desk:

The perspectives and contributions of Black people and other people of color in midwifery are seldom acknowledged. Midwifery Matters will publish a special summer edition from the perspective of an editorial and design team comprised of people of color to focus on the contributions from within communities of color. This issue seeks not only to highlight creative solutions to the systemic racism that we know exists within the practice of midwifery as well as policies, education, and workforce but will also explore the impact these models have on both providers and communities of color.

Our stories will amplify voices from within our communities and shed light on areas of care and policy that often go unnoticed and unacknowledged. Who are the unsung heroes in midwifery deserving of recognition and how can this work not only be recognized but also replicated elsewhere so all communities can benefit? Are there ways that midwifery can address the alarmingly high maternal mortality rate — particularly among African American birthing persons?

We are looking for ideas that focus on categories including, but not limited to:

  • How midwifery practice models can serve as a blueprint for positive outcomes in maternity care;
  • Anti-racism efforts/models in midwifery education and practice;
  • Profiles of people/practices/models with creative and positive solutions to the contemporary problems that exist;
  • Existing (or needed) policies that help solve the problems that exist within maternity care;
  • Intersection of midwifery and the following: education, policy, practice and workforce.

Send us your pitches for commentary, analysis, reported stories and personal essays that explore these areas. The pay rate will be based on writer experience, depth of reporting and research, story length and quality of writing and will average about $500 for a 1500 word reported piece.

Please submit pitches to POCmidwifery@gmail.com by March 15.