Birthwise Midwifery School is committed to expanding access to midwifery education and midwifery care in the United States. We strive to be an inclusive midwifery institution that trains midwives who are representative of the rich tapestry of communities that they come from and will serve.

17 November – As we move through this first week following the 2016 election, Birthwise wishes to take a moment to acknowledge the concerns of our student body.

We understand that this election has placed many communities in an increasingly vulnerable position, in which safety, autonomy, and the future are destabilized.

Each of us will respond to the results of this election, and the upcoming changes to our country’s leadership, in differing ways. This reality impacts our students, faculty, staff, clients, and mentors as the topics of immigration, healthcare, reproductive health access, race, gender equality, religion, and international relations are all called into question.

As a community, may we seek to embody grace, respect, and empathy. As an institution, we redouble our commitment to our communities, to our students, and to our work as midwives.

Our commitment to our students and clients is that we will continue to build a safe space rooted in inclusion, acceptance, and working toward justice.

We will not tolerate hate speech, nor the marginalization or oppression of any individual or communities.

Our work as midwives is even more important now. Each of us has the opportunity to make lasting, positive impacts on the lives we touch each day through our words and actions. We will keep working.

If you are in need of direct support as you navigate these changes and uncertainties, please reach out to your faculty advisor. Additionally, any staff at Birthwise can offer connections to local resources for professional counsel and community organizing efforts.

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