The enrollment period for the 2017 cohorts will open in early October. The new application will be available at that time.

Submit your application by email, fax, or mail

[email protected]
Birthwise Midwifery School, Attn: Admissions
24 S. High St.
Bridgton, ME 04009

To receive counseling during the application process contact the Admissions Coordinator:

Abby Luca

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 207-647-5968, ext. 106

Application Check List

Application Form



Doula Training Certificate

Letters of Reference

Application Fee ($50)

Application Form

The 2017 application will be available in early October.


Compose an essay – two to four pages in length – encompassing the ten questions listed on the application form.


Include your official high school and, if applicable, college transcripts. Send these (in a sealed envelope) with the rest of your application, or have your school mail or email them directly to Birthwise.

If you were home-schooled, please send the appropriate documentation.

Doula Training Certificate

If you’ve completed a birth doula training (DONA certified or not), please include your certificate in your application. Applicants do not have to have completed a doula training course to be admitted, but accepted students must complete doula training before starting midwifery classes. Birthwise offers doula training courses several times a year through Birthing Gently.

Letters of Reference

Click here to download the letter of reference form as a PDF.

Please include three letters of reference with your application: one from a midwifery connection (if possible), one from a work/school connection, and one personal reference.

Ask your references to fill out the letter of reference form and include it with their letters. Send letters (in a sealed envelope) with the rest of your application, or have your references mail or email them directly to Birthwise.

You may substitute a letter from a second work/school connection for the letter from a midwifery connection.

Please do not use family members as references.

Application Fee

Please include a check for $50 with your application.


Birthwise will schedule in-person or Skype interviews with qualified applicants no later than two weeks after the application deadline passes.

Selection Process

Birthwise does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnic origin, nationality, age, or physical ability.

Birthwise evaluates each applicant’s complete application to determine who is best suited for our midwifery program. Waitlisted applicants will know if they are accepted by the end of May.