Midwifery Program Tuition

Full-Time Students* $6700 per semester
Part-Time Students $425 per credit hour
Non-Students $450 per credit hour
Audit $250 per credit hour
*Registered for 12-20 credit hours per semester

Midwifery Student Fees

Lab Fee Some courses may require a lab fee of approximately $15/ea
Course Challenge Application* $50
Clinical Advanced Status Application* $50
Clinical Advanced Status Credit* $30 per credit hour

*For those wishing to receive credits toward graduation for previous experience

Other Estimated Costs for Midwifery Students

Textbooks $1,400 for all courses, all years
Physical Assessment Equipment $150
TB Test, required for some clinicals $50
Travel, housing, and other living expenses Varies

Tuition Deadlines for the Campus Program

August 15 First Semester
January 1 Second Semester
August 15 Third Semester
January 1 Fourth Semester
June 15 Fifth Semester
January 1 Sixth Semester
June 15 Optional Seventh Semester

Tuition Deadlines for the Community Program

June 15 First Semester
December 15 Second Semester
June 15 Third Semester
December 15 Fourth Semester
June 15 Fifth Semester
December 15 Sixth Semester

Most students at Birthwise receive one or more types of financial aid. We want to help you find the financial resources to realize your dream of becoming a midwife. See our Financial Aid Guide for information or contact Elizabeth McKinnon, our Financial Aid Officer, for more information.