Apply your experience, apply your calling, apply your passion for midwifery care.

Admissions is currently closed. We’ll begin accepting applications for the 2019 cohort later this year. Learn more about the midwifery program or contact admissions


Admissions is currently closed.

Tuition & Fees

A full Birthwise tuition is currently $13,400 per year.

Financial Aid

Birthwise is committed to making its midwifery program affordable for everyone. Birthwise students can apply for federal student aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Birthwise Financial Aid Guide


Birthwise offers partial scholarships for students from underserved communities and for students of color. Birthwise awards multiple scholarships each year.

Midwives of Color Scholarship

Underserved Communities Scholarship

Apply Now

1. Download the short answer questions and the essay prompts. Prepare answers to the short-answer questions and write your essay before beginning the application.

2. Download the reference form and email it to three non-familial references. Choose references who, preferably, know you in a professional or midwifery-related capacity.

3. Scan or take a photo of your doula training certificate or proof of registration and your CPR card or proof of registration.

4. Prepare or request your high school transcripts and, if applicable, your college transcripts,

5. Complete the application. It must be completed in one sitting, so allow yourself enough time to finish (approx. 30 min).

Online Application

6. Pay the $50.00 application fee by check, credit card (call 207-647-5968), or PayPal below.

For Accepted Students

Here are all the resources you need to prepare yourself for your exciting, three-year journey as a Birthwise student.