Midwifery Assistant Program Tuition

Enrollment Fee $300 (applied toward tuition)
Orientation $830
Session 1 $1690
Session 2 $1690
Session 3 $1690
TOTAL $6,200

Midwifery Assistant Student Fees

Labor/Birth Doula Workshop* $400
Postpartum Doula Workshop* $400
Course Challenge Application** $50
Clinical Advanced Status Application** $50
Clinical Advance Status Credit** $30 per credit hour

*Students who have already taken approved doula workshops or who would prefer to take the workshops in their home states should provide proof of completion to waive this requirement without fee

**For those wishing to receive credits toward graduation for previous experience

Other Estimated Costs for Midwifery Assistant Students

Textbooks $450 for all courses, all years
Physical Assessment Equipment $100
Placental Encapsulation Equipment $60-$100
Travel, housing, and other living expenses Varies

Tuition Deadlines for the Midwifery Assistant Program

July 23 Orientation
October 15 Session 1
February 18 Session 2
June 17 Session 3