Welcome to Birthwise!

Congratulations on your acceptance into Birthwise Midwifery School. We’re excited to welcome you as a new student. 

New Students at Birthwise Midwifery School

COVID impacts

The pandemic may impact administrative timelines, course delivery and other aspects of your time at Birthwise. Learn more about how Birthwise is responding to the pandemic.

Adobe Sign

To reduce our reliance on paper Birthwise uses Adobe Sign for completing and securely transmitting administrative documents such as Financial Aid Award Letters, Tuition Cost Info Letters and status change documents. Learn how to use Adobe Sign here. 

Next steps for new students

Complete and submit your Enrollment Agreement

To officially enroll, you need to confirm your placement with our Admissions and Recruitment coordinator by submitting your Enrollment Agreement and paying the $300 tuition deposit. The Enrollment agreement will be sent to the email you gave in your application via Adobe Sign.

Pay Your Tuition Deposit Online

Set up Birthwise email and Sycamore accounts

Within a few weeks of signing your enrollment agreement and receiving your tuition deposit, we’ll create a Birthwise.edu email for you and a Sycamore login. We’ll send you the login information and instructions on how to set it up. 

Your birthwise.edu email is your official mode of communication from the school. Be sure to check it regularly for important announcements and information from staff and faculty. 

Sycamore is our learning management system. You’ll use it to access course materials. After your first semester, you’ll use Sycamore to register for classes.

Apply for Advanced Status

If you have previous midwifery education and clinical experience, you may be able to apply that experience toward your graduation requirements. We call this Advanced Status.

You must apply for advanced status at the time you sign your enrollment agreement. Advanced status applications will not be accepted after your enrollment agreement is signed.

Learn More About Advanced Status

Register for Courses

To simplify your transition to Birthwise, we will register you for your first semester of classes. You will receive a Permission to Register Form with your enrollment agreement. You must sign this in order for us to register you.

View the Campus Option Curriculum View the Community Option Curriculum

Read the Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is your go-to resource for your entire course of study at Birthwise. We update it annually.

Read the Student Handbook

Start thinking about your preceptorship

Community Option students start their preceptorship hands on clinical training with a midwife — during semester 1 or 2. Campus Option students start in semester 4.

It’s up to you to find a midwife to do this clinical training with, so it’s good to start the process early! Contact the Clinical Director for more information and to discuss registering for preceptorship credits in the first semester.

Learn About Preceptorship

Pay your tuition

Two weeks after you are registered for classes, we’ll send a Tuition Cost and Information Letter via Adobe Sign to your new Birthwise email. This letter shows your tuition and fees due for the semester. It will reflect any financial aid you receive, including federal student aid and scholarships.

Your tuition payment is due in full one week before classes begin. You can pay your tuition by credit card online or by mailing us a check, made payable to Birthwise.

Pay Your Tuition Online

Pay by check

Mail your check made payable to Birthwise Midwifery School to:

Birthwise Midwifery School
24 S. High St.
Bridgton, ME 04009

Payment Plans

Birthwise offers payment plans by request before the first day of class. Your tuition bill can be broken into a maximum of three equal payments, spread evenly between the tuition deadline (one week before classes begin) and the semester’s 60 percent mark. Installments incur a $10 fee per payment you must pay with your installment payment. You must pay all tuition in full by the semester’s 60 percent mark.

Please email Erin at erin@birthwisemidwifery.edu to request a payment plan.

Buy your books and materials

Booklists are sent to your Birthwise email with orientation materials a few weeks before orientation. We have copies of all required books in the student library. 

Birthkits are required for semesters 1 and two. You can purchase the semester 2 birth kit now or wait until closer to the second semester.

Buy Birthkits here

Submit your immunization record

You must submit your immunization record before you come to campus. Some preceptorship locations and clinical rotation sites require certain immunizations. Turning this form in late may limit or delay your preceptorship or clinical rotation opportunities.

We can accept the following:

  • Immunization records from a previous school you’ve attended. You’ll need to request this directly from the school
  • Records from your healthcare provider listing the immunizations you’ve had and the date you had them. This record can be on our form (linked below) or on a form generated by your healthcare provider, but must include the provider’s name and address or a clinic stamp with the same information

If you have no immunization records, please visit your healthcare provider before coming to Birthwise to receive necessary immunizations, or to have titers drawn to show immunity.

If you’ve declined immunizations for religious, philosophical or medical reasons, please indicate so on the immunization form.

COVID Vaccination

Birthwise is currently recommending that students, staff, faculty, and preceptors receive the COVID vaccination if they are willing and able to do so. We are NOT requiring the vaccine, but if you are a new student who has received the vaccination, please send your records to <info@BirthwiseMidwifery.edu>.

Download Immunization Record Form

Submit your immunization record to Birthwise:

By mail to Birthwise Midwifery School, 24 S. High St., Bridgton, ME 04009

By fax to 207-647-5919

By hand to the Administration Office when you arrive on campus

By email in a PDF only to HeatherB@birthwisemidwifery.edu 

Get Social!

Join our Facebook group. Login to your Facebook account and search for “Birthwise Midwifery Students Connect.” Be sure to fill out the questions. 

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Find housing

While Birthwise does not provide student housing, we have a page with updated housing resources on our website.

Learn about Life in Bridgton

Bridgton is a beautiful small town in Maine, about an hour northwest of Portland. Read about what Bridgton has to offer.