To graduate, all students must accomplish and document the following:

1. Receive a score of 80% or higher on each section of each semester’s final periodic exams and final skills exams

2. Gain clinical experience by completing, at minimum:

Clinicals as Assistant Under Supervision:

  • 10 Initial Prenatals
  • 75 Prenatal Exams
  • 20 Complete Newborn Exams
  • 30 Postpartum Exams
  • 20 Gynecological Exams
  • 10 Complete Physicals Exams


Births as Assistant Under Supervision:

  • 30 births (of which 10 births may be attended as a doula and 5 must involve continuity of care*; Students must complete 18 births in this category before attending births as a primary under supervision.)


Clinicals as Primary Under Supervision:

  • 20 Initial Prenatals
  • 75 Prenatal Exams
  • 20 Complete Newborn Exams
  • 40 Postpartum Exams
  • 10 Gynecological Exams
  • 10 Complete Physical Exams


Births as Primary Under Supervision:

  • 25 births (of which 5 must involve continuity of care*, 10 must be in an out-of-hospital setting, and 10 must require at least one prenatal; up to 2 may involve transport/transfer of care)


Experience in Specific Settings:

  • 5 Homebirths, in any role
  • 2 Planned hospital births, in any role (These cannot be intrapartum transports, but may be antepartum referrals.)
  • 10 births as primary under supervision in an out-of-hospital setting

*The MEAC and NARM definition of continuity of care is “at least 5 prenatal visits spanning 2 trimesters, birth, newborn exam, and 2 postpartum visits for the same woman.”

Attend 12 hours of Childbirth Education Series electives

4. Participate in 4o hours of midwifery-related community service

5. Return for Homecoming Workshop and receive at least 80% on the senior exam and the senior skills exam

6. Receive a recommendation for graduation from her or his preceptor, clinical director, and faculty advisor

7. Finish the program within six years, excluding leave of absences

8. Pay tuition in full