Graduation Requirements

Birthwise Midwifery School has graduation requirements that include both academic coursework and hands-on experience attending births and conducting care.

Birthwise Midwifery School student with pregnant belly

To graduate from the Birthwise Midwifery Program you must:

  • Successfully complete and pass each required academic course
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 42 (Campus) or 46 (Community) preceptorship clinical credits, including any challenged credits awarded
  • Pass each section of the periodic exams and the senior exam
  • Pass all OSATS (Objective, Structured, Assessment of Technical Skills)
  • Document the minimum required clinical experiences
  • Have faculty and preceptors sign off all mastered skills on the Preceptorship Skills Mastered Checklist found in the Birthwise Clinical Documentation record

Other requirements

  • Attend a Childbirth Education Series (10 hour minimum)
  • Participate in 20 hours of midwifery-related community service
  • Attend Homecoming Workshops and receive at least 80 percent on the senior exam and the senior skills exam
  • Receive a recommendation for graduation from your preceptor, clinical director and faculty advisor
  • Finish the program within six years, excluding leaves of absence
  • Pay tuition in full

Clinical Graduation Requirements

Our Midwifery Program academics includes 42 semester hours of clinical experience in the Campus Option and 46 hours in the Community Option in addition to academic coursework.

Experience as assistant under supervision


  • 10 Initial Prenatals
  • 75 Prenatal Exams
  • 20 Complete Newborn Exams
  • 30 Postpartum Exams
  • 10 Gynecological Exams
  • 10 Complete Physicals Exams


  • 30 births: 10 may be attended as a doula and 5 must involve continuity of care.*
  • Students must complete 18 births in this category before attending births as a primary under supervision.

Experience as primary under supervision


  • 20 Initial Prenatals
  • 75 Prenatal Exams
  • 20 Complete Newborn Exams
  • 40 Postpartum Exams
  • 10 Gynecological Exams
  • 10 Complete Physical Exams


  • 25 births
    • 5 with continuity of care*
    • 10 in an out-of-hospital setting
    • 10 with at least one prenatal.
    • Up to 2 may involve transport/transfer of care

Experience in specific settings

  • 5 homebirths in any role
  • 2 planned hospital births in any role. These can’t be intrapartum transports, but may be antepartum referrals.
  • 10 births as primary under supervision in an out-of-hospital setting

*The MEAC and NARM definition of continuity of care is at least five prenatal visits spanning two trimesters, birth, newborn exam and two postpartum visits for the same person.