Compare Our Programs

The Campus and Community Options are two different paths through the same program. You’ll want to compare the programs to decide which one is right for you.

The academic and clinical curriculums and credit requirements for each program are essentially the same.

The main difference between the program options is how academic coursework and clinical preceptorship are balanced throughout the program.

The Campus Option emphasizes academic content in the first part of the program, transitioning to focus on clinical practice in the program’s second half. Preceptorship happens after you’re done with academic classes.

The Community Option is structured so you conduct academic learning and clinical learning side by side each semester. The exception is the last semester, which is clinical learning only.

Birthwise Midwifery School Graduates

Campus Option

Community Option

Start Date



Days on Campus

2-3 days/week for first 3.5 semesters

5 days/week during 11 2-week intensives during first 5 semesters

Where you live

On campus during academic work, then elsewhere for preceptorship

In your hometown or another location within the United States

Clinical Rotations

With local perinatal practice during semesters 2 and 3

None. Preceptorship starts with midwives where you live in semester 1 or 2


Starts in semester 5, often away from Bridgton. 42 credit hours required

Starting in semester 1 or 2. Semester 6 is preceptorship only. 46 credit hours required