Students with previous education and/or experience in the field of midwifery can receive academic and/or clinical credits toward graduation, at the discretion of the Academic Director. Both coursework and clinical experience can be challenged and coursework can be waived if an equivalent course has been taken at another accredited institution.

All students, regardless of advanced status, must take and pass all Periodic Exams, the Senior Exam, and all Skills Exams.

Transfer Credits / Course Waivers

If a student has previously taken relevant courses at another accredited academic institution, she or he may waive the equivalent Birthwise courses. To transfer  credits, the student must submit a Course Waiver ($50) and relevant transcripts and course outlines before the semester begins.

To challenge clinical credits, she or he must submit a Clinical Credit Challenge Application ($50) and all required documentation of the previous experience. Relevant documentation includes information on the preceptor, signed documents specifying the type and amount of experience, and written evaluations from the preceptor.

If the Clinical Director approves the clinical credit challenge, the student is required to pay $30 for every credit hour it awards.


Fee Cost
Course Waiver Fee $50
Course Challenge Application Fee $50
Clinical Credit Award Fee $30 per credit hour

Limits of Advanced Status

Students must obtain at least 50 credits while enrolled at Birthwise to graduate with a certificate from the institution. Of these 50 credits, a minimum of twenty-five of these credits must be academic and a minimum of 25 credits must be from clinical experience. All primary care experiences must be obtained while enrolled at Birthwise.