Since 1994, Birthwise Midwifery School has been training skilled and empowered midwives in its comprehensive, three-year midwifery programs.

The percentage of homebirths in the United States has nearly doubled since 2004. This upward trend has steadily increased the demand for qualified and competent midwives. Although the birth culture in the United States is still dominated by hospital care, more and more women are choosing to have their babies safely and naturally at home or in birth centers staffed by midwives. At Birthwise, we believe that competent and compassionate midwives are the answer to a maternity care system characterized by poor outcomes for moms and babies, high cesarean rates, and high medical costs relative to other developed countries.

Campus Option

Study for two years on the Birthwise campus in beautiful southern Maine. By studying on-campus, students have the opportunity to form close relationships with other students, faculty members, and staff members, and to immerse themselves in the academic experience. After two years of rigorous on-campus study, students choose an off-site preceptor and spend a year working with a midwife in the field.

Community Option

Spend three years working with a preceptor in your home community, travelling to Maine three times per year for two-week academic intensives. This low-residency program is designed for students with families, work, or community responsibilities that keep them in one place. It offers all the academic benefits of a Birthwise education, without the need to relocate.

Is Birthwise Right for Me?

There are many paths to becoming a midwife. Learn more about the profession and whether or not a Birthwise education is the right choice for you.