As a midwifery assistant, work with a local midwife to care for clients and deliver babies at home or in a birth center. Our 16-month certificate program helps you master the skills – from prenatal care to placenta encapsulation – that will make you indispensable in the birth room.

The midwifery assistant program prepares students to offer a holistic array of pregnancy and birth services to families. Students learn how to support families before, during, and after labor by mastering the skills of childbirth education, belly casting, neonatal resuscitation, basic life support, birth art, placenta encapsulation, and lactation support.

The program, which is fully accredited by the Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council, combines extensive academic and clinical work into a flexible learning curriculum. Over the course of the 16-month program, students spend a total of seven weeks on campus in Bridgton, Maine and 14 months with a preceptor midwife in their home community.

Students graduate the program as certified midwifery assistants with additional credentials in birth doula work, postpartum doula work, neonatal resuscitation, and basic life support. These credentials qualify graduates for a wide range of midwifery-related careers but, particularly, for a rewarding career supporting the work of professional midwives. Apply now.


  • High-school diploma or equivalent
  • CPR certificate
  • Previous birth experience is encouraged, but not required

Before you apply, make sure you reach out to a potential preceptor midwife in your community. For help identifying and securing a preceptor, contact the Program Director.


Our midwifery assistant program faculty is made up of Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) and certified Midwifery Assistants (MAs). Other faculty members include professional instructors in the areas of doula training and lactation counseling. Learn more about our faculty.

Midwifery assistants vs. midwives

While the work of midwifery assistants and midwives overlap, the two take on very different roles during pregnancy and birth. Learn more.

More about the program

Birthwise’s midwifery assistant course is a comprehensive certificate program that trains students through both extensive theoretical learning and hands-on skills practice. Learn more about the program. Download the program catalog.