Doula Training

According to DONA International, the world’s leading doula certifying organization, a doula is “a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a [birthing parent] before, during and shortly after childbirth to help [them] achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.”

Birthwise x Birthing Gently Doula Training

Doula Training with Birthing Gently

We partner with Tara Campbell, founder of Birthing Gently, to offer doula training to our Birthwise community. This workshop is a great option for folks interested in pursuing work as a doula. 

This 16-hour, two-day virtual workshop introduces you to the basic body of knowledge and skills professional birth doulas have.

Birthing Gently started in Boston in 2002, and its doulas have been assisting people with birth since then. The organization has been in the forefront of supporting Family Centered Cesarean Birth with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

This course is the first step toward DONA birth doula certification, which qualifies you to support a birthing person before, during and just after birth. When you complete the workshop, you’re eligible to begin attending births towards certification as a doula.

Birthwise does not certify doulas. Workshop completion does not result in certification. You will need to complete your certification through DONA.

Upcoming Virtual Workshops

Birthing Gently doula training workshops are held online during the pandemic.

November 6 & 7, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday), 9am to 5pm, via Zoom


  1. A general understanding of the stages of birth
  2. A general understanding of labor and birth medications

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$485 + materials

Register Online

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Pay by check. Send your check made payable to Birthwise Midwifery School to 24 South High Street, Bridgton, ME 04009.


Birthwise covers the full cost of doula training each year for one student from Maine’s immigrant communities. To apply, you’ll need one reference. Please submit your application at least two weeks before the workshop you wish to attend.

Baby-Friendly Environment

Students are welcome to bring non-mobile children and to breastfeed/pump in class. If your child becomes disruptive, we ask that you step outside the classroom, returning when they have calmed down.


Length of Class: 8 Hours, Day 1

Presents the dynamics of labor and birth, how to be a skilled companion during childbirth, and how to soothe and comfort a laboring woman. Topics to be covered: Introduction to labor support, prenatal contact between doula and client, emotional support, comfort measures, business aspects of a doula practice.

Length of Class: 8 Hours, Day 2

Covers in-depth labor support strategies, the role of the doula within the medical framework, guidelines for pre and postnatal contact with clients, how to deal with problem labors and unexpected outcomes, how to contribute to breastfeeding success, and specific tips for setting up practice as a doula. Topics to be covered: Cesarean Section, VBAC, postpartum contact between doula and client, difficult labors, the newborn and breastfeeding.