Katie Krebs, MPH

Executive Director

Independent Research, Midwifery & Social Justice 2, Research Methods

Katie Krebs, she | her | hers, holds a BA in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a MPH in Maternal and Child Health and Epidemiology from the Boston University School of Public Health. Katie has taught childbirth education, fertility awareness, newborn care, lactation, prenatal nutrition and wellness, elementary school biology and science fairs, middle school sexuality education, and college level genetics, cell biology, laboratory science, and public health genomics.

Katie has long been passionate about reproduction and reproductive justice, and finds birth to be the most amazing intersection of biology, emotional transformation and growth, and the impact of systems and structures on access to healthcare.

She lives in Gorham, Maine with her partner, two goofy/nerdy kiddos and their dog, Freckles.


Beth Bongiolatti Gray MA, CPM, NHCM

Academic Director

Histories of Midwifery, Newborn Complications, Normal Prenatal, Orientation, Postpartum

Beth Bongiolatti Gray, she | her | hers (Birthwise ’13) began practicing as a midwife in New Hampshire & Maine in early 2013. She is a core faculty member, and supports students through their academic path at Birthwise as the Academic Director. Beth holds a B.A. in English & Political Science from the University of New England (’05), and a M.A. in Sustainable Development (’10) (with an emphasis on international perinatal health) from the SIT Graduate Institute.

Beth loves to travel, to camp in the mountains, and to learn new skills. She lives in Waterford, Maine with her partner, their rambunctious dog, & ever-plotting cat.

Sarah Schubeck, MSM, CPM

Clinical Director


Sarah Schubeck holds a Masters in Midwifery Science from Bastyr University and a B.S in Social Psychology from Suffolk University. She taught, and was a preceptor at Bastyr University, and practiced midwifery in Seattle Washington till 2016 when she moved to Maine.

Since in Maine she has supported and assisted other midwives with their practices, taught at Birthwise and has been the co-chair of the Maine Association of Certified Professional Midwives since 2017.  Sarah is excited to help further the growth of midwifery education.


Sarah loves to paddle board, make Kombucha, hike the coast of Maine and travel with her family.

Erin Molitor

Operations Coordinator + Bursar


Erin Molitor, she | her | hers, is the Operations Coordinator for Birthwise, supporting the structures and systems that are the framework of the organization. She earned a BA in Fine Art from Connecticut College and has worked as an Operations Manager and Event Director for several nonprofits. Over the years she has continued to be a maker in the disciplines  of drawing, metalsmithing and fiber arts. She has long been passionate about birth options and midwifery, and is grateful to be able to bring her skills and experience to support work that is meaningful for her personally and for the collective.

Erin grew up in Maine and later made a home in Brooklyn, NY for thirteen years, returning to coastal Maine just before birthing her daughter with the help of a home birth midwife. She loves seeing the world through her daughter’s eyes, knitting, wilderness hikes and camping, spending time on the water, poetry, working with silver, humans who speak the difficult truths, making beauty, and listening to loons call and respond. Erin lives in Portland with her fierce and magical five year old daughter

Meg Terwilliger

Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator


Meg Terwilliger coordinates the admissions process, recruiting prospective students and helping them apply, enroll and pursue their midwifery education at Birthwise. She holds a BA in studio art from St. Olaf College.

Meg lives in New Gloucester, Maine with her husband and two sons.

Sarah Paul, MA

Financial Aid and Visa Coordinator


Sarah Paul, she | her | hers, aims to bring ease to students and their families as they navigate the financial side of midwifery school and applying for international student visas. A dedicated counselor and coach, she has enjoyed working in higher education and the local perinatal community for many moons.

Sarah identifies as American Indian (Maliseet), as a Mainer, and as a lover of kayaking, hiking, decaf coffee, and spending time with family and friends. She studied Communication and Performance Studies at UMaine and UNC-Chapel Hill, and lives with her partner in Gray, Maine.

Heather Bell

Clinical Program Assistant


Heather Bell (Birthwise ’20) enjoyed maintaining a connection to Birthwise after graduating through tutoring and helping students prepare for exams. In 2020 she joined the staff in the clinical office. Heather is pleased to support the Clinical Director and to help students navigate the process of preceptorship. 


Heather and her Beloved have two amazing kids, both born at home with the gentle and skillful guidance of midwives. When she isn’t in the office, you’re likely to find Heather hanging upside down from her aerial silks, or with a cup of tea, a book, or a fiber arts project in her hands.