Our Philosophy

Birthwise Midwifery School’s philosophy is that midwives should have a central role in childbirth and primary care in the United States.

We believe re-establishing midwives as central players will improve birth culture and birth outcomes.

We want everyone who wants a midwife to have one. We advocate for integrating Certified Professional Midwives into the wider care system to improve care for birthing people and babies.

We recognize that racism and structural violence pervade all institutions in the United States. That includes our education and healthcare systems. We are addressing our complicity in these systems. We’re also training midwives that will fight against them. 

Read our statement on Anti-Racism

We recognize that individuals of all genders give birth.

We firmly believe that all people deserve skilled, compassionate midwifery care as they build their families.

We believe that midwives center the voices of their clients. Midwives recognize the birthing person as the expert in their own body. Midwives collaborate with them to balance the wisdom and experience they each bring to the birthing space.

We understand that midwives blend tradition with modern science to preserve and build on the family-centered physiological birth supported by midwives who came before us.

We believe that care provided by midwives is safe, effective, affordable and accessible. We need midwives now more than ever to address the growing costs and worsening outcomes in perinatal health care in this country.