Heather Robinson, CPM



Heather Robinson (Birthwise ’15) is a medical professional, business owner, mentor, researcher and advocate in the field of home birth midwifery. Her career in healthcare has spanned nearly two decades.

The proud Detroit native is bilingual in English and Spanish and is a licensed midwife in the states of Michigan and Wisconsin. She began her career in healthcare in 2002 as a licensed paramedic working with the EMS division of the Detroit Fire Department and continues working as a paramedic in the hospital system.  Heather’s passion to become a midwife was fueled her own home birth experience of her eldest daughter.  She is now the mother of 4 and grandmother to 4, two of which were born into her hands, also at home.  Heather obtained her midwifery education at Birthwise Midwifery School in Bridgton, Maine in conjunction with 3 years of apprenticeship with local, metro Detroit, senior midwives. Upon graduating in 2015, she became a certified professional midwife (CPM) and founded Birth Beautiful Detroit, LLC.

Birth Beautiful Detroit is a unique blend of Heather’s love for both Detroit and the field of midwifery.  She is passionate in her work with women, mothers, babies and families from all backgrounds in an urban environment to keep them healthy and thriving in the home setting.

In addition to running a successful practice, Heather works professionally with several midwives locally and is a co-founder of the Mosaic Midwifery Collective which supports moms, moms-to-be and students of midwifery with resources, knowledge, and care through collaboration with their emphasis being POCs reclaiming  birth culture.  In 2017, Heather accepted an appointment by the governor to sit on the recently created Board of Licensed Midwifery in Michigan.  She is also a member at large on the Michigan Midwives Association (MMA).

Heather believes in the long-standing history, safety, privacy and one-on-one care that midwifery and home birth provides. She has assisted in the birth of nearly 300 babies, to date.

Aubre Tompkins, CNM



Aubre Tompkins is a Midwife, simple and sweet. If you want to get technical, she happens to be a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). She started on this path back 1999. As it is for many, it was a long, round about trip but worth every twist and turn. As a Registered Nurse she worked in both a free standing birth center and a bust tertiary, urban hospital. At the birth center, she coordinated and ran the client education program and attended births as the assistant. At the hospital, she staffed all the Women’s Health units and served as the low risk L&D Charge Nurse. Once becoming a midwife, she has focused in Community Birth and worked primarily in free standing birth centers. Recently, she developed and opened a new birth center to serve her community.

She believes in physiologic birth and that birth must be respected. She believe that a healthy pregnant person, when supported and nurtured, will likely remain healthy throughout their pregnancy, labor and birth. And that this pregnant person will grow a healthy baby that is designed to navigate the birth process.  For these families, health is the assumption. Midwives will closely watch and monitor their progress and intervene when necessary. Midwives are partners with their clients, on equal footing, but also have years of training and knowledge that we can and will utilize to help educate and guide them.

Matt Delamater



Matt Delamater is so honored to be a board member of Birthwise Midwifery School and even more grateful to have such an amazing resource in his own community.  Matt was born and raised in Western Maine and has lived in Portland for the last 10 years before moving his family back home to Bridgton just over a year ago to enjoy the mountains and the freedom of a small rural community.  He enjoys xc skiing, hiking and playing in the foothills with his wife Emily, son Leo and daughter Rowan and works as chief financial officer for Oxbow Brewing Company out of Portland, Newcastle and Oxford.  Matt is also an active professional actor on stage, film and television and works as a photographer with his wife’s photography company Emily Delamater Photography.   He is so grateful to be a part of this new transition for Birthwise and is excited at the future the school and it’s amazing community of teachers, employees and students are building.  Having experienced the power and incredible resource of midwifery with the births of his own children, Matt is extremely excited to offer whatever help he can to add value and help fulfil the mission of such an incredible organization, and is so grateful to the organization’s founder Heidi for her incredible leadership, talent and fortitude which has led the organization to this exciting point.

Dahlyt Berezin-Bahr, CPM, LM

Board Member


Dahlyt Berezin-Bahr lives in Edison, NJ with her husband and two young girls.  She very much enjoys serving all different types of people in her homebirth practice, Love Your Births Midwifery Services.  Dahlyt had been in practice since 2013 when she graduated from Birthwise Midwifery School.  Dahlyt is the recipient of the MANA Sapling award in 2015.  She is currently the treasurer of NYCPM, Inc.  Dahlyt teaches a midwifery assistant class.  She has a bachelors in Business Management and Finance from Brooklyn College as well as completion of four levels of ASL from Seymour Joseph Institute.

Latonia Westerfield

Student Liaison


Latonia Westerfield  is a student midwife at Birthwise Midwifery School. She is a part of the 2017 community cohort and completed the didactic portion of the program in Fall 2019. Many experiences have led Latonia down the path of birth work to midwifery, including her undergraduate work as an anthropology student studying maternal health outcomes in communities of color, personally experiencing pregnancy, birth, and parenting, and working as a birth doula and childbirth educator in Washington state.
Latonia joins Birthwise’s inaugural board of directors as the student liaison—connecting the board with student voices and experiences at Birthwise Midwifery School. She approaches all her work and roles in life from the standpoint of reproductive justice, equity, and inclusivity—using each lens to critically examine and dismantle systemic inequality. Latonia will work diligently to foster Birthwise’s growth and hold the organization accountable to its vision and mission of equity. Thus, ensuring that Birthwise continues to recognize and honor traditional midwifery wisdom and play an integral role in guiding the future of the midwifery profession.
As a member of the board, Latonia plans to actively work to expand Birthwise’s ability to provide midwifery education and opportunities to students and practicing midwives who experience marginalization and harm at the hands of white supremacy, institutional racism, heteronormativity, and ableism. Latonia is currently a student midwife with Assist In A Miracle, LLC on Whidbey Island,WA and Rainier Valley Community Clinic in Seattle, WA. She is working to complete her preceptorship and prepare for graduation. Latonia is a student member of Washington Alliance for Responsible Midwifery (WARM) and Midwives’ Association of Washington (MAWS). She lives in Washington State in the greater Puget Sound area with her spouse and 5 vibrant daughters.