Become a Preceptor Midwife

Birthwise Midwifery School Preceptor Midwife with Student attending birth

Birthwise students gain hands on clinical experience by working with a preceptor midwife and other practitioners in healthcare practices across the United States. We want to connect our students with quality preceptors who are:

  • Nationally certified midwives (CPM, CNM, CM) with at least two years of current experience in full scope midwifery practice or
  • Legally recognized in a jurisdiction, province, or state as practitioners who provide women’s health or maternity care with at least two years of experience

Why be a preceptor midwife?

Preceptors midwifes are essential to expanding the numbers of new midwives. And, as a preceptor, you’ll gain personal and professional benefits. Our preceptors tell us:

  • Students bring fresh energy to their work because student midwives are eager to help with all aspects of their midwifery practice.
  • Teaching is a great way to stay current. Students bring the most recent information from their courses. They also are willing to do research.
  • Students bring more advanced skills to your practice as they progress through their studies, making them more of a partner as time goes on.

We also pay our preceptors for each birth our student midwives attend as a thank you. And you can take our continuing education courses for NARM CEUs at 50% of the audit fee.

How to become a Birthwise preceptor

Applying is simple. We are a MEAC-accredited school so you don’t need to be a NARM-certified preceptor. We have our own application process.

First, contact the Birthwise Clinical Director, Sarah Schubeck, CPM, at sarahs@birthwisemidwifery.edu to get an application packet. Then submit these documents:

  • Preceptor application (included in the application packet)
  • Site evaluation questionnaire (included in the application packet)
  • Preceptor fee agreement (included in the application packet)
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae
  • Copies of current certifications (eg, CPM, CNM, NRP) or licenses (eg, LM, RN, ND, mMD)

Preceptor Handbook

You will need a password to access this document. If you lost your password, please contact Sarah at sarahs@birthwisemidwifery.edu

2019-2020 Preceptor Handbook