Our vision is that every person has access to safe and empowering midwifery care that is representative of them and their community.


The Birthwise Midwifery School mission is to train skilled and compassionate direct-entry midwives who safeguard physiological birth by providing care that is informed both by tradition and scientific evidence.


Get to know our friendly and professional staff members.


Birthwise has grown tremendously since Heidi Fillmore founded the original informal, seminar-style school of midwifery in 1994. Trace the school’s twenty-year history with us.

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Campus & Location

Perfectly situated between the White Mountains of eastern New Hampshire and the rocky coastline of western Maine, Bridgton an ideal locale from which to appreciate the beauty of natural birth.

Student Life

Hailing from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and geographic backgrounds, Birthwise students are bound together by the common experience of becoming midwives. Respect, acceptance, and camaraderie define the student life at Birthwise