Everyone is welcome to come, learn, and contribute in Birthwise’s elective classes.

Registration Fee

Student Type Fee
Full-Time Students* None
Part-Time Students $350 per credit hour
Non-Students $390 per credit hour
Audit $250 per credit hour
*Registered for at least 12 credit hours per semester


If the student cancels at least one week before the class, Birthwise will issue a full refund. If the student cancels less than one week before the class, Birthwise will issue a half refund. Birthwise will not issue refunds for no shows.

In lieu of a refund, the student may repurpose their full original payment towards a different elective at any time.

2016 Fall / 2017 Spring Electives

Read about our fall and spring semester electives.

Class Fee
Massage Techniques for Labor $70/$78/$50*
Domestic Violence Training $140/$156/$100*
Sexual Abuse and Pregnancy $140/$156/$100*
Placenta Medicine $70/$78/$50*
Deconstructing White Privilege $140/$156/$100*
Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss $140/$156/$100*
Transgender Health $140/$156/$100*
Reiki for Birthworkers $140/$156/$100*
Childbirth Preparation Classes $210/$234/$150*
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy $140/$156/$100*
Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) $85/$93/Not available*

*Part-Time Student/Non-Student/Audit


Birthwise accepts payment by PayPal, credit card, or check.