Birthwise Midwifery School is a nationally accredited institution dedicated to training skilled and compassionate midwives.


At Birthwise, we believe that skilled midwives should be at the center of a safe and effective maternity system. At a time when the collective memory of giving birth with empowerment has, in some parts of the world, yielded to a dependence on medical technology, midwives can safeguard the power, dignity, beauty, and safety of natural birth.

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Birthwise has grown tremendously since Heidi Fillmore founded the original informal, seminar-style school of midwifery in 1994.

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Campus & Location

Perfectly situated between the White Mountains of eastern New Hampshire and the rocky coastline of western Maine, Bridgton an ideal locale from which to appreciate the beauty of natural birth.

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Student Life

Hailing from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and geographical backgrounds, Birthwise students are bound together by the common experience of becoming midwives. Respect, acceptance, and camaraderie define the student life at Birthwise

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